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"I wanted to thank you for your videos and the ghost aiming tool you created.  My wife and I are new at pool and it’s been difficult to learn what the angles are."
"Having the tool has already helped in the first casual games we played.  We used it for cross table bump shots that used to be difficult to aim that far down the table.  I also realized I was aiming for the contact point and not through the ball (red target)."
"Thank you again. (Also super fast shipping - thanks)"
"I can see why a lot of people are excited about its practicality." - David
"It works. Like your design." - Stefan
"The ghost aimer helps you visualize the aiming point on the object ball better than the alternatives of the paper products that sit flat on the pool table and the plastic-hat aimer with a plastic arrow where the ghost-ball vertical center is." - Paul
"The red line makes it so easy to see the exact aim." - Neil
"Its the best aiming tool I've every used." -jhealy
"I'm using it and it works great." - flackbox
"This is the sniper scope I've been looking for." - Alicia
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