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Ghost Aimer 2.0

Ghost Aimer 2.0

Better than the ghost ball! Clear acrylic lets you see the centerline aim point intersect the object ball. Dual color lines contrast with all ball or cloth colors. Click HERE for instructions.


Three functions:

  • Aim point locator.  Place against an object ball, point the arrow through the ball at the pocket. Center line is the aim point.
  • Cut angle estimator. Rotate to point the arrow at the cue ball, arrow indicates cut angle in degrees. Arrow and ball scale rotate while cylinder remains in place.
  • Fractional ball scale. Vertical lines represent one-eighth ball width. Helps you reacquire aim point after aimer is removed. Works for cut angles under 30 degrees (cue stick pointed at object ball) and over 30 degrees (cue stick pointed past object ball).
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