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  • Flat design does not bend for tight racks

  • Fingers fit under for easy lifting

  • COOL design, 8-9-10 ball inserts

  • Solid oak construction

  • Walnut infinty inlay joints

  • Weighs 38 ounces (1062 grams) on average









(Jim made a video showcasing his rack!)

Jim, Massachusetts, USA


Oh yeah! That is beautiful curly maple! Michael, , Massachusetts, USA


I just wanted to tell you how much I am pleased with the rack. I have my own wood shop and know the value of quality work and yours is top quality. Beautiful piece of work!

Steven, Ohio, USA


Rack is amazing, truly great product. I can’t believe how solid it is.

Sanjay, United Kingdom


Your rack is very well made and very well packed!  The fit and finish is excellent as well.  I love the bow ties at each corner or tip.


It's much easier to give a good rack and then remove the balls without disturbing the balls.  This is sure to last a lifetime.


Alan, Florida, USA


Rack received! It's gorgeous. He will love it!  Dean, Wisconsin, USA


The order was exactly as represented. Good seller. Arrived early. fabulous product.

Brian, Utah, USA